From the Left

The current economic and environmental crises prove that US capitalism, which has control of the most powerful state in the history of the world, does not serve the majority of the people of the nation and is not economically or environmentally sustainable.

For 160 years, apologists for capitalism have maintained that the world would be ruled by either capitalism or communism, and with the fall of the Soviet Union proclaimed the ultimate victory of capitalism. Fortunately, there is a clear political alternative to the tyranny of capitalist rule to be found in the principles and practices of social democracy.

The purpose of the US Forum for Social Democracy is to develop social democratic paradigms for economic development and government policy in the USA.

The US Forum for Social Democracy is open to anyone interested in promoting the principles of liberty, unity, and social justice for all citizens and safeguarding the nation for ourselves and future generations.

About the Editor

Richard D. Vogel is a political reporter who monitors the effects of globalization on working people and their communities.  He has published articles in Monthly ReviewCanadian Dimension, and is a regular contributor to MRZine.org.  In addition, he has made presentations at Cal Poly, Pomona, the University of Houston, and LaborFest in San Francisco.  He is available for radio interviews, presentations, and workshops at schools, union meetings, and community groups.   

Contact: rdvogel@combatingglobalization.com