Stolen Birthright — Comment

The U.S. Conquest and Exploitation of the Mexican People

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11 Responses to “Stolen Birthright — Comment”

  1. Donald Bahlinger says:

    the article “birthright” is very enlightening. it is the “other side of history” which must be told!

  2. Locust says:

    wow a great read. Perfect! Now i can repost it on my blog for white nationalist in America, did you ever think that maybe your people would destroy the economy of the gringos, allowing us to take power? nope you didn’t, thanks for that. see you soon on the battlefields.

  3. A'lul'kuy Kent says:

    Hello, I totally get what your saying, European Americans are theives and usurpers, hypocrite immigrants themselves. But as a California Native Chumash Indian, my lands, our homelands. The Chumash, Tongva, Olhone, Esselen, Apache, Navaho, Pima, Hopi, Ute, Comanche and all other indigenous Southwestern Nations were all decimated with disease, warfare, murder and genocide. First at the hands of the Spanish Soldiers. The Mexicans and last but not least the Euro-Americans, the Spanish wanted to convert us and make us into good little Neofytes and Spanish citizens to be taxed, stuffed some of us into the missions and watched their converts die. We were suppose to be able to, after conversion, retain our land base, our traditional territories. After the secularization of the missions after Mexican independence, the Mexican governor, gave our homelands as land grants to family members, Californio Original Settlers, American Foreigners, Mexican foreigner immigrants, sometimes thousands of acres of our homelands were given to Mexicans for their ranches and beef. The Soldados would hunt Indians who were disillusioned with the missions and their padres who punnished them for any infraction, bring them back from their villages and put them in stocks and whip them 50 times. This happened all over the southwest. The Indian woman were raped by the Mexican men and soldiers. Woman were whipped and punished and stopped giving birth to healthy children. Children were dying before they turned 10 yrs. old, the Indian population plummeted, so the padres would send out soldiers to capture and enslave more of the village indians, if the Indian men tried to stop the soldiers, they would be shot on spot. For you to say the concept of Anglo-Saxon Manifest Destiny is a fallacy, and in the same breath, Say it’s the Mexican people’s land and birthright, is just as Eurocentric, and is just as hypocritical. If its anyone’s land and birthright, that would be the Native people’s of the American Southwest. Please remember that we were here before anyone of you people, and as a direct consequence of the colonization of our lands by the Spanish, Mexicans, and Americans, we were left with nothing but death and desolation. Our lifestyles, culture, languages, and homelands were lost. Our birthright!

  4. A'lul'kuy Kent says:

    Also the Title should say ” Stolen Birthright-The Spanish, Mexican, and U.S conquest of the Indigenous People of the American Southwest.

  5. rdvogel says:

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  6. Dave Bremer says:

    Who did the Mexicans steal the land from? They killed off whole races of people in their “Convert or Die” Catholic beliefs. Conclusion is that they didn’t ever own it, so how can they anything about the land in the south USA. I believe that you have played with too much of your #1 export (drugs) and should seek help.

  7. Ramiro says:

    Our time will come ..and you be living east of the Mississippi and north of the ohio rivers..

  8. Ramiro says:

    Mr David Bremer..mexico defided the spaniards it took many years of war but finely the speniards were deffided.spain wanted to steal the land from .the empire war on the border..full documentary//..empire files..

  9. David says:

    Mexicans waged a war they thought they would win. Even the European trash bet , literally , that the Mexicans were going to be victorious. LOL!
    Your leftist revisionist is bullshit. All Land acquired was legit of war. Then YOU Mexican took 25 million dollars!!!! The US eve payed for the war YOU WAGED!!!!! Corrupt to your own selves till today. YOU LOST the WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Wilford says:

    Russian Roulette – Red Velvet ?

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