How Globalization Works — Comment

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas (TMMTX) — A Case Study

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3 Responses to “How Globalization Works — Comment”

  1. TMMTX Case Study?? Are you kidding??? says:

    What kind of case study is this? Where is your documentation for your sources? Why not talk about all of the Big 3 facilities that have shut down and the aftermath of that? You mentioned TX tax payers paying for TMMTX; how about all 50 states paying to keep the Big 3 afloat so that they can keep producing vehicles that no one will buy and keep the chain reaction goin of poor quality, over paying workers and greedy mgmt, which will in turn hurt their suppliers, dealers and in the end, consumers.

    This article is crap and has no resemblence to a “case study”. Go back to college and learn how to write a paper that cites professional sources. A few nice looking graphs do not count.

    Why don’t you start by working on the housing issue and how we ended up like this… can start at home in California.

  2. R.D. Vogel says:

    This is a solid case study based primarily on the analysis of public records and San Antonio Business Journal reports. It was written before the current economic crisis and therefore could not be expected to analyze future events.

    Your point about US taxpayers paying to bailout the Big 3 is a valid one. The corporations have indicated that they intend to invest the public monies that they have recieved in emerging markets (China and India) so that they can remain profitable for their stockholders. This offshoring of capital will, of course, undermine working people in the US and exacerbate the domestic economic crisis.

    That was exactly the point of the TMMTX study.

    R.D. Vogel

  3. rick says:


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