Mexican truck makes first delivery — the gate is open

October 21, 2011.  The first Mexican truck to enter the US under the cross-border trucking provision of NAFTA crossed the World Trade Bridge in Laredo on its way to make a delivery in the Dallas area.  The gate is now open. Fleets of trucks owned by the transnational corporations and driven by Mexican drivers at Mexican wages will soon follow — watch for them at your area warehouses and nearest big box stores.  Tens of thousands of US transportation jobs will now follow the millions of production jobs that have migrated south of the border.  The US working class, already struggling in a stagnant economy, is about take another major blow.

Again, the relentlessness of the US business interests that embrace neoliberal labor strategy has been clearly demonstrated.  It will continue roll over American workers until we mount an effective challenge.

Read The Evolution of Neoliberal Labor Strategy and Decline of the American Working Class.

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2 Responses to “Mexican truck makes first delivery — the gate is open”

  1. gonzotrucker says:

    I went down to mexico, and filmed mexican trucks for youtube. Then wrote an article about my experience down there. The trucks were in such horrible conditions that i would not even drive them bobtail one mile down the road. you can check out my videos on youtube “gonzotrucker”

  2. rick says:

    There are two aspects of the NAFTA cross-border trucking program to watch. The trucks of many of the independent Mexican truckers are in deplorable condition and need to be banned from any highway. However, the fleets of the transnational corporations that are poised to begin operations are brand new, state-of-the-art vehicles. The fleet operations are the big threat to US transportation jobs. Most of the big box stores have opened distribution centers in Mexico and are moving warehouse as well as driving jobs there.