Transient Servitude Update: The Continuing Efforts to Establish a US Guest Worker Program — Comment

Since the end of the 20th century, the neoliberal sector of US capitalism has relentlessly pursued the establishment of a national guest worker program to import cheap labor from the Global South [especially Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean].  The failure of the US Congress to implement comprehensive immigration reform that includes provisions for a guest worker program has not derailed capital’s initiative.  The purpose of Transient Servitude Update is to bring Transient Servitude: The US Guest Worker Program for Exploiting Mexican and Central American Workers (Monthly Review, January 2007) up to date by presenting timely analysis of the important developments of this critical issue that will shape the future of all labor in the 21st century.

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One Response to “Transient Servitude Update: The Continuing Efforts to Establish a US Guest Worker Program — Comment”

  1. First World capitalists along with their Second and Third World puppets have a ‘plantation mentality’ when it comes to exploiting and oppressing people of color, particularly after stealing, colonizing and(or) controlling and regulating their ancestral lands and freedoms.

    First World workers are suffering because the rich elite are exploiting and oppressing them, too, not because immigrant workers are intentionally taking anything away from them. The rich elite are stealing from all workers, domestic and foreign alike; and of course, workers are being pitted against each as per usual via racism and other means of “divide and conquer.”

    Bracero programs like this Transient Servitude thing are nothing new, just another form of plantation slavery where workers have no other recourse but to work, if they want to live and feed their starving families. First World workers are being treated like plantation slaves more and more each day, too. Immigrants should never be blamed for this increasing exploitation and oppression of in North America, it must always be recognized as another “divide and conquer” tactic of the rich elite, to force down labor costs for their major corporations, in particular.

    Like racism, patriotism and nationalism are also used, to divide workers against each others’ best interests, and that of course benefits the rich elite the most. Immigrants as portrayed in this article are the wrong target, in other words. We should all keep our eyes on the real enemies of all workers and our loved ones, the rich elite who are stealing from us all.

    They want us at each others’ throats, and this is the worse thing we can do against our best interests. It’s not about “redistribution of wealth” so much as it is about the rich elite returning all the wealth they have stolen from the lower classes and castes to its rightful owners, the working people and their loved ones who created this wealth in the first place.

    While they’re at it, the rich elite should return all the lands and freedoms they have stolen from indigenous peoples around the globe including in the Middle East and all the Americas and Caribbean.