American Union: An Alternative to Neoliberal Globalization? — Comment

Neoliberal globalization, which began after World War II and has expanded exponentially since the 1980s, has produced dramatic inequality between and within nations, fostered continuing militarism, and contributed the lion’s share to the looming crisis of climate change.  The very idea of somehow combating what appeared to be an irresistible force has been a daunting enterprise, to say the least.  Until now…
It is now clear that neoliberal globalization does not serve the needs of a majority of the world’s population, and, as economic metapolicy, is simply not sustainable.   The question of combating globalization is rapidly becoming the question of what will follow the meltdown of the neoliberal global economic system.
From the Left is committed to looking at possible alternatives to the present world economic order and ways out of the ongoing economic crisis.  In that vein, Ruben Botello has submitted the following article about the possibility of an American Union based on the model of the European Union (EU) — it deserves careful consideration.
His concept of an American Union is not to be confused with the neoliberal scheme of a North American Union that lurked behind the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).  The SPP, negotiated behind closed doors, appears to be nothing more than an expansion of NAFTA for those who benefited from NAFTA — SPPM if you will — a Security and Prosperity Partnership for the Multinationals.  The American Union, on the other hand, attempts to resolve national contradictions rather than just profit the executives and stockholders of the multinationals and their government brokers.
Read Ruben’s article closely — the debate about the future of the Americas after the meltdown of neoliberal globalization must begin now.

Read the article and comment.

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3 Responses to “American Union: An Alternative to Neoliberal Globalization? — Comment”

  1. dorinda moreno says:

    great stride forward, this is a good start in establishing direct communication with others concerned with bringing resolve to these issues affecting our mother earth.
    thanks for your efforts.

  2. rogelio reyes says:

    Colega Ruben,

    Regarding your statement,

    “An American Union similar to the European Union could unite us with our neighboring nations and outlying territories, to work together toward more effective solutions to these complex [e.g. immigration] problems”,

    wouldn;’t it be wonderful if, as Martin Luther King Jr. once suggested, the children of slaves and slavemasters would one day walk together hand in hand…? And wouldn’t it be wonderful if the USA would one day walk hand in hand with Honduras, Bolivia, Cuba and others, solving common, complex problem such as proverty, disease, unemployment, racism…[I’ve just heard on Radio Pacifica, KPFK, in L.A. that a petition is currently being circulated in the USA accusing the Cuban government of racism against Afro-Cubans and has been signed by prominent Afro Americans. The petition is suspected to be backed and financed by the US government.

    Point: How can we move from a situation in which countries like Cuba, Honduras, Bolivia, live under constant attack,, blockade, or other threats from the USA to a situation in which these same countries ‘holed each others’ hands’ to solve commone problems?

    My personal opinion, is that an American Union cannot exist without a wholesale overhaul of US society including its current two-parity system. Don’t forge, as well, that the EU is also guilty of violating the human rights of immigrants: hundreds if not thousands of migrants die yearly trying to enter the EU from Africa and other previous European colonies.

    With all due respect, before we can have an American Union, we need to transform our own society in the US to include the poor, the homeless, the undocumented, Native Americans, and other excluded minorities. Then globalization will run its natural course, improving global cooperation rather than bringing further exploitation as it does now.


  3. It is Cuba and Venezuela that should start the Union de Las Americas (American Union) along with other progressive nations and the thousands of Indian nations throughout our Americas. La Raza is over 650 million people alone, and the large majority of nation states in our Americas are also Latino.

    It’s all about majority rule, que no? We La Raza being the majority, we can finally stop the fascist and imperialist U.S. from exploiting and oppressing our peoples.

    As for the EU mistreating “immigrants,” La Raza doesn’t have to mistreat anyone, although if any more Europeans plan to come over here to do us Native peoples further harm, we as an American Union of over 650 million Raza now comprised of all the races, colors, nationalities, ethnicities, cultures, religions and creeds of the world should stop these and other bad people from entering our continents with this bad intent. People within the European Union are free to live, work, study and travel throughout the Union, as would all good Raza and other Americans now at each other’s throats over stupid borders designed to deprive us of self-determination.

    YA BASTA! We need to take back our ancestral lands and freedoms via MAJORITY RULE led by Cuba, Venezuela and all other revolutionary nations and peoples who have had enough of White racism, sexism, fascism and imperialism.

    To think a handful of U.S. activists are going to change the U.S. first is totally unrealistic. It is the 650 million of us UNITED that are going to make any real change, and that revolutionary struggle goes far beyond North America where the White men roam, to kill and steal everything they please.

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