Globalization and the Incarceration of the Black Working Class — Comment

Incarceration practices in the United States are egregious by any standards, and, although the issue is obscured by pundits and politicians, rigorous political analysis of national prison policy exposes the root of the issue.

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2 Responses to “Globalization and the Incarceration of the Black Working Class — Comment”

  1. Saddened says:

    The statistics were overwhelming and depressing.

  2. R.D. Vogel says:

    The statistics are indeed overwhelming but the politics of incarceration in the US are starkly simple. The neoconservative republicans forced their agenda on the nation at large. However, as their grip on the American political machine loosens, an opportunity might be opening for progressive prison policy.

    At any rate, look for a crisis in the US prison system. As the recession deepens and state budgets shrink, pressure in the prisons will build and there will likely be another wave of prison riots. It has happened before. (See my “Capitalism and Incarceration Revisited”.

    Such a crisis could be met with increased repression or a progressive political solution. It promises to be a critical struggle for America’s future.

    R.D. Vogel

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