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Karl Marx rediscovered

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Marx’s Capital in near the top of the bestseller list around the world.  The amazing thing about this rediscovery of Capital is that the majority of the current buyers of the book are financial speculators who are trying to figure out how to profit from the ongoing global meltdown!

It is time for people who are interested in solving economic problems rather than profiting from them to study the works of Karl Marx.

We do not advise newcomers to Marx to dive straight  into  Capital–it is deep stuff.  A better approach  is through Isaiah Berlin’s Karl Marx,  an excellent political biography that examines Marx’s major works in historical context, or through Marx for Beginners by Rius, a rollicking cartoon book that actually communicates the basics.

Both of these excellent books are still in print and readily available.  Marx’s Kapital for Beginners, a companion volume to Marx for Beginners, appears to be out of print, but I recently picked up a copy at a local 1/2 Price Books.

Once you master the basics of Marx’s analysis you can access and download his entire works online for free.

The British Ministry of Defense has warned the rulers of the western world about the threat that a revival of  Marxism poses to their various regimes but, largely because of the Internet, there is nothing that any of them can do about it.

If you are unfamiliar with the works of Karl Marx, take the plunge and become part of the solution to today’s dangerous problems.

Remember the quotation that is inscribed on Marx’s tomb in London’s Highgate Cemetery:

“Philosophers have previously offered various interpretations of the world. Our business is to change it.”

Monroe Doctrine fades away

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

Monroe Doctrine fades away by Gabriel Tokatlain is an important statement from the hemispheric South and deserves our careful attention.  Tokatlain observes that the people of the South are taking control of their destinies and closing what Eduardo Galeano identified as the Open Veins of Latin America in his classic of the same name.  The Monroe Doctrine, the US imperial policy that staked a claim on all of Latin America, is being openly challenged.

The US has responded with a new round of gunboat diplomacy by re-activating the US Navy’s Fourth Fleet to project US power in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the Carribean, and South America.  

The full implication of this renewed US militarism is discussed in the section entittled “Global Domination and the Prospect of Endless War”  in Combating Globalization.

Tokatlain’s essay offers us important information that we need to combat the trend of increasing US militarization.   


On “Speaking Truth to Power”

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

The current motto “Speak Truth to Power” is an oxymoron. History shows us that the only truth that the ruling class recognizes is power, so we have to learn to speak power to power. Let’s speak truth to our fellow citizens so we can get our act together. Only then will our voices be heard.