Fiction from the Left

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El Malpaís


El Malpaís

(The Badlands)

A Modern Folk Tale from the Left

Written by Richard D. Vogel

Edited by Idell

El Malpaís

Why a tale from the left?

The answer is simple—because most of the stories presented in popular fiction and the movies are tales from the right of the political spectrum. The good guys beat the bad guys but it’s all about men. Evil empires are defeated by anti-imperial forces but the empires live on under new management. In the end nothing changes and the theme is always the same—might makes right.

It is high time for more stories from the Left that explore alternatives to the imperial narratives. El Malpaís is such a tale. And although men dominate Episodes 1, 2, 3, & 4, Rosa de la Frontera, a strong and vital woman, controls Episodes 5, 6, & 7. Her experiences and actions reflect the movement of women into the vanguard of history—a timely theme.



Episode 1: A Vision Quest

Episode 2: El Calderon

Episode 3: Cerro Hoya

Episode 4: Bandera

Episode 5: McCarty's Flow

Episode 6: Report to Tatcho

Episode 7: Back to the Future


Copyright © 2016 by Richard D. Vogel

Permission to copy granted

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