Mission Statement

From the Left -- A US Forum on Combating Globalization

Combating neoliberal globalization is one of the most urgent tasks of our times.

The megatrend of increasing globalization, the outcome of the neoliberal free trade policies of transnational capitalism, is producing rising inequality, growing absolute poverty, escalating militarism, and catastrophic climate change.

The purpose of From the Left -- A US Forum on Combating Neoliberal Globalization is to provide a resource site for developing strategic approaches to confront the impact of neoliberal free trade policies on labor and the environment.


Issues and Answers

Why a folk tale from the Left?

Why Civic Revolution?

This argument against guest worker programs offers a clear alternative.

The United States of America, a nation founded and staunchly defended as a democratic republic “of the people, by the people, and for the people”, has been hijacked by the richest 1% of the population.

History is being rewritten in the American Southwest.

How did the United States, the first nation in history founded on the principle of liberty and justice for all citizens, become the Prisonhouse of Nations?

Every generation has the right to act for itself in all cases as the generation that preceded it.

The decline of the American working class is not irreversible.

The North American Free Trade Agreement is the gift that keeps on giving to transnational corporations (TNCs) and taking from US workers.

The neoconservative hijacking of American Democracy and civic revolution

Anyone looking for a job in the 21st century needs to read this article.

Women workers bear the brunt of neoliberal globalization

A US guest worker program will be nothing more than a condition of transient servitude for millions of workers from the global South

The boycott is a political weapon available to everyone

Rebuilding public education in the US

What can a common citizen do in these trying times?

What comes after the collapse of neoliberal globalization?

It's time to abolish the death penalty in the USA once and for all

How the USA became the Prisonhouse of Nations and how can it be dismantled

How US prisons consistently violate the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners

Thinking outside the capitalist box

More globalization is not the way out of the current recession

Free trade labor is the cause, not the cure, of our economic problems

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